My New Studio Monitors!!!

Hi friends,

My new JBL LSR 305 arrived today!

After a few tests I’m very happy with the sound.

It’s important to have a room with some basic acoustic treatment or the best speakers in the world can sound like crap!

I have a small video that I’m posting soon about them 🙂

Stay tuned!

For the price I think you can’t beat these JBL!!!

Check them here: JBL




Blue Cat Audio Destructor Demo!!!

Hi friends,

I proudly present you this video in collaboration with Blue Cat Audio

Here you’ll see a demo of this amazing plugin!!!

The Destructor




Stay tuned for a detailed review/demo on the Destructor!!!

Best regards
Juca Nery

Recording The Boss Katana Via USB into your DAW!!! Tips and Settings

Hi friends,

Please check out this video where I explain how to get a great sound out go your Boss Katana amp via USB.

You will be able to use your Katana as an actual audio interface!

Stay tuned for the next video with audio clips!!!

Check it out


Many thanks,
Best regards
Juca Nery

Boss Katana USB Recording NO FX or EQ!!! Great Sound!!!

Hi friends,

Check out this little clip where I used the Boss Katana USB to record into Logic X.

With no eq, compression or fx at all, it sounds amazing!!!

The best amp for the buck 😉

Boss Katana 100 (More Info)


Best regards
Juca Nery



Hi friends,

I decided to offer a video to all of my subscribers.

It will be a 10 minute video and you CHOOSE the subject!!!

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Get your free video now!!!

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I will send you a FREE 10 minute video covering your needs!!!

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Meanwhile search my YouTube videos and subscribe my channel 🙂

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Guitar Jam Using The LYDIAN Mode!!!

Hi friends,

Here’s a new video of a guitar jam in the Key of A using the Lydian Mode:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 15.27.30

(Starts on the 5th fret)


Thanks for your time!

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My Most Viewed YouTube Video

Hi friends,

Check ou my most viewed YouTube video!!!


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