Situações – KADOSH


Metal Mix Project

A new song I wrote that I’m working in. Very Metal 🙂



West Side Blues

West Side Blues é um tema fruto da minha colaboração com a excelente guitarrista Rosario Fernandes.



Build Your Guitar Channel Strip Logic Pro 9

In this video I talk about workflow and how to build a channel strip for guitar for quick recall in a recording session.




How to Start Your Home Studio


In this article I will discuss the basics of building a Studio.

Keep in mind you don NOT have to spend lots of money to get GREAT results.

Do you have a computer? If so it’s halfway the process.

Use it to your advantage!

So all you need for now is an external sound card of some kind.

There’s a lot of options nowadays. Cheap interfaces don’t equal bad sound!

We live in the digital domain, so it’s all zero’s and one’s, right?

In the next post/video I’ll give you various examples on how to start.

You also probably have some sort of headphones. That will do too.

There’s the room acoustics. But let’s leave that for later.

Regarding software, there are some GOOD and FREE choices.

So stay tuned.

It’s simple, affordable and easy 😉