Boss Katana Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tone!!!


A legendary guitarist that needs no introduction…

I did my best! Still some sloppy playing… But it’s the tone that matters 🙂

Enjoy the video!

SRV Pack coming soon!!!

Stay tuned 🙂

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Many thanks for your support!

Best regards,
Juca Nery

Home Studio Tour 2018 – THANK YOU!!! ❤️


Enjoy the video below where I show my home studio!

It’s amazing what you can do nowadays thanks to technology!

I’ve recorded a few albums here as well as my EP which is free and available to download

This is also the place where I craft my Katana presets with great attention to detail so you can enjoy amazing sounds both for live gig and recording at home.

Many Artist presets available for you!!!

I also have students that come here to learn not just guitar but also recording. I share with them all the knowledge I’ve gathered all these years by trial and error.

A very pleasant place to be. I’m happy to do what I do.

I’m fortunate that I can live from this passion.

I put all my heart and soul in everything I do and everything you see and listen.

A big THANK YOU for all the support and love!!!

Let’s keep music alive!!!

Best regards,
Juca Nery


A Video Just For You!!! Interested?

Yes! It’s possible and it’s a custom service!

From beginner to advanced, not just guitar but also learn how to mix, learn how to setup your pc/mac, learn the best audio tips from te pro’s, learn to take full advantage of what you already have!

Want to know how to tune your instrument? Or maybe how to record a full drum set?

Anything you ask and I’ll deliver! Audio related of course!!! 😉


For little value you get high quality detailed videos!!!

Just fill the form below to get your price!!!

Looking forward to hear from you!

 Best regards my friends

Mix Metal!!! Again!!!

Hi friends,

I have here one of the songs from my old metal band called Shiver.

It’s a Pro Tools session and pretty much everything is printed except all eq and compression, routing, etc.

No vocals because I’m still trying to find someone to sing it again, so feel free to record your own vocals!!!

The session goes with the plugins I used to mix it. If you don’t have them, just remove and use your own!

But its a fun track to mix!!!

It was recorded in 1994 on a professional studio.

Since I don’t have access to the old tape discriminated audio files I had to recreate the song in Pro Tools.

It’s close enough! 😉

Take a listen:


The song is called Killing For Fun

Pro Tools session HERE


Even if you use other DAW the folder audio has all the files you need!

Here’s a picture of my old band:


In lower left corner far left it’s me at my twenties!!! Time traveller PLEASE!!! 😉

Have fun!!!

Kind regards

Juca Nery

Free Mix!!! (Mistura Grátis)

I’m offering a free mix of any genre. 

If you write and compose your own music and want it to be mixed professionally just email me using the contact formulary on this site!


Estou a oferecer uma mistura gratuita para qualquer género de música. 

Se escreves e compões as tuas próprias músicas e queres uma mistura profissional, usa o formulário de contacto neste site para entrares em contacto comigo!

Robert Jon & the Wreck – Good Lovin’ Rough Mix

Free Pro Tools AAX Plugins

Here are some FREE aax plugins for Pro Tools.