Here is what I think it’s one of the best tones I’ve ever made for my Les Paul!

Lot’s of sustain, thick sounding Les Paul!

The Rock Tone Machine!!!

All with the great Boss Katana!!!

Let me know what you think!


The Boss Katana Brown Channel – FREE Preset!!!

The Brown Channel! Not used by many to achieve “clean” tones.

I did it! With great results!!! I used my Squier Strat 50’s Classic Vibe but you can use any guitar 😉

Instant greatness!!! Great tone!

See the video where I make a small tutorial how I use this channel to achieve tube like glassy tones.

Many just use it for Rock or Metal, why not blues? It has a unique voice. Along with some eq moves you get a wonderful tone. And does it sounds like a tube amp? Well, that’s up to you to decide… I couldn’t be much happier!

Download your FREE tone HERE and give it a try!!!

Many thanks for your support!

Best regards,
Juca Nery 

PANTERA Guitar TONE!!! Boss Katana



Many thanks for your support!!!

Best regards,
Juca Nery

How I Record This Metal Song – EPISODE I

Here is the first of a series of episodes on How I Record My Songs. 

I will go step by step on these tutorials and I would like to get your feedback and comments asking whatever you need to know.

I’m here to help you to get the best possible tone out of your Katana and other gear you already have.

Great records on a small budget! That’s the idea 🙂

Don’t forget that any DAW will work!!!

Enjoy the video 🙂


Home Studio Tour 2018 – THANK YOU!!! ❤️


Enjoy the video below where I show my home studio!

It’s amazing what you can do nowadays thanks to technology!

I’ve recorded a few albums here as well as my EP which is free and available to download

This is also the place where I craft my Katana presets with great attention to detail so you can enjoy amazing sounds both for live gig and recording at home.

Many Artist presets available for you!!!

I also have students that come here to learn not just guitar but also recording. I share with them all the knowledge I’ve gathered all these years by trial and error.

A very pleasant place to be. I’m happy to do what I do.

I’m fortunate that I can live from this passion.

I put all my heart and soul in everything I do and everything you see and listen.

A big THANK YOU for all the support and love!!!

Let’s keep music alive!!!

Best regards,
Juca Nery



Doesn’t need any introduction…


Check the video for AWESOME TONE!!!

Sounds available soon!!!

Many thanks for your support!!!

Best regards,
Juca Nery


Marshall Plexi Tones – Boss Katana

A legendary amp! The Marshall Plexi.


I’m now building the Marshall Collection Pack II. 

And my first recreation is the Marshall Plexi in two versions:

  1. Marshall Plexi Pushed
  2. Marshall Plexi Lead

Check the video below to hear how they sound:

Available soon!!!

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Best regards,
Juca Nery