Boss Katana FREE Patch!!! Wonderful Tone!

“You’re Still In My Dreams”

Dedicated to someone that shines on the skies…


A Wonderfull, dreamy tone that makes you fly… Just empty your head and let it sing…

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” Buddha 


Download HERE


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BOSS KATANA – SLASH GUITAR TONE!!! Vintage AFD Paradise 100 Guitar – Boss Katana Enjoy :) Cheers

My latest tribute to legendary guitar player: SLASH

A great clean tone and a cut through edgy lead sound!!!

Check the video below 

(Patches available soon)

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Boss Katana – Dream Tone V – Amazing TONE!!!

Another amazing Dream Tone!!!

Dream Pack II Available SOON!!!

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Here is what I think it’s one of the best tones I’ve ever made for my Les Paul!

Lot’s of sustain, thick sounding Les Paul!

The Rock Tone Machine!!!

All with the great Boss Katana!!!

Let me know what you think!


The Boss Katana Brown Channel – FREE Preset!!!

The Brown Channel! Not used by many to achieve “clean” tones.

I did it! With great results!!! I used my Squier Strat 50’s Classic Vibe but you can use any guitar 😉

Instant greatness!!! Great tone!

See the video where I make a small tutorial how I use this channel to achieve tube like glassy tones.

Many just use it for Rock or Metal, why not blues? It has a unique voice. Along with some eq moves you get a wonderful tone. And does it sounds like a tube amp? Well, that’s up to you to decide… I couldn’t be much happier!

Download your FREE tone HERE and give it a try!!!

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Boss Katana – Marshall JTM45 Guitar Tones!!!

Legendary Amp!!! The Marshall JTM45


Soon to be part of my NEW Boutique Amps Collection!!!


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JIMI HENDRIX Guitar Tone – Boss Katana

The one and only…


Here’s my Tribute

Sounds available soon

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