Guitar Solo Katana 100 (Via USB) All FX From the Amp

Hi friends,

This time around I used the Katana’s USB out into Logic X.

All guitars were recorded with the Katana.

Enjoy 🙂


Beautiful Backing Track!!!

Hi friends,

Here is my latest backing track! It’s in the Key of E Major

A beautiful melody supported by awesome landscape images 🙂

It’s part of my new album coming soon! So stay tuned!

Here’s the video:


Download the backing track here

Full audio and project:

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Juca Nery

Youtube Live Stream

Hi friends!

I recently schedule a YouTube live stream.

But due to software / internet issues I’ll have to re schedule!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Stay tuned for an upcoming live stream!

We will talk about guitars, guitar tone, amp sims, studio setup, recording software and much more!

Many thanks!



Guitar Jam – Online Guitar Lessons

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I hope you enjoy the video!!!

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Fusion Guitar Jam Boss Katana 100 Watt Combo