BOSS KATANA – SLASH GUITAR TONE!!! Vintage AFD Paradise 100 Guitar – Boss Katana Enjoy :) Cheers

My latest tribute to legendary guitar player: SLASH

A great clean tone and a cut through edgy lead sound!!!

Check the video below 

(Patches available soon)

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Juca Nery

Boss Katana – Dream Tone V – Amazing TONE!!!

Another amazing Dream Tone!!!

Dream Pack II Available SOON!!!

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Juca Nery


Boutique Amps Collection VI – IS OUT!!!

Finally the Boutique Amps Collection VI is out!


After a few months of hard work and great attention to detail I came up very close to the original amps featured in the AMAZING Pack!!!

Listen for yourself!!!

(Click on the links to open Youtube)

Marshall JTM 45

Fender 68 Deluxe Reverb (With Strat)

Fender 68 Deluxe Reverb (With Les Paul)

The Fender 68 has 4 different patches

Vox AC 30

Roland JC 120

The Roland JC 120 has 3 different patches


The Legendary Amps…




Boutique Amp Collection VI

Fender 68 Deluxe Reverb / Marshall JTM 45 / Vox AC 30 / Roland JC 120


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Juca Nery

Vox AC 30 Guitar TONES!!! Boss Katana

Vox AC 30

Legendary amp, legendary sound…

Take a listen to this amazing recreation on the Boss Katana 

Available soon on the new Boutique Amps Collection VI!!!

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Juca Nery

Fender 68 Deluxe Reverb – Les Paul TONES!!! Boss Katana


This time using my Les Paul!!!

Amazing tone!

Check the video below

Boutique Amps Collection VI available soon!!!

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Juca Nery


Here is what I think it’s one of the best tones I’ve ever made for my Les Paul!

Lot’s of sustain, thick sounding Les Paul!

The Rock Tone Machine!!!

All with the great Boss Katana!!!

Let me know what you think!


Boss Katana – Marshall JTM45 Guitar Tones!!!

Legendary Amp!!! The Marshall JTM45


Soon to be part of my NEW Boutique Amps Collection!!!


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Juca Nery