Boss Katana FREE Patch!!! Wonderful Tone!

“You’re Still In My Dreams”

Dedicated to someone that shines on the skies…


A Wonderfull, dreamy tone that makes you fly… Just empty your head and let it sing…

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” Buddha 


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Boss Katana – Dream Tone V – Amazing TONE!!!

Another amazing Dream Tone!!!

Dream Pack II Available SOON!!!

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Finally the DREAM PACK!!!

Silky lead and rhythm sounds that you won’t find anywhere else!

Works with any type of guitar

  1. Dream Tone ONE – VIDEO DEMO
  2. Dream Tone TWO – VIDEO DEMO
  3. Dream Tone THREE – VIDEO DEMO
  4. Dream Tone FOUR – VIDEO DEMO

Dream Tone Playlist

(All sounds were recorded with an SM 57 into Logic X. No post FX added)

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Dream Tone Pack I


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DREAM TONE – Episode I / Boss Tone Studio / Boss Katana / Logic X

Les Paul

What’s your dream tone…?

I know where mine is… And maybe I can help you with that!

Recording musician? If so you will love what I have for you!!!

Non recording musician? You will love it anyway… 😀

Let’s take a look into Tone Studio first. Then let’s Record our Guitar. And finally let’s Shape our Sound in our DAW.

What do you think?

Watch the video until the very end to understand what I’m talking about!!!

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