Alice In Chains | Man In The Box Solo – KATANA 100 USB

Hi friends,

Check out this video where I recorded all guitars and bass using the Katana 100 USB out!

It’s a cover from Alice In Chains – Man In The Box



Guitar Solo Katana 100 (Via USB) All FX From the Amp

Hi friends,

This time around I used the Katana’s USB out into Logic X.

All guitars were recorded with the Katana.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Boss Katana Recorded Using a Rode NT1 GREAT SOUND!!!

Hi friends,

I’ll leave you with this video where I used a Rode NT1 condenser microphone to record and demo some sounds from the great Katana amp πŸ™‚



Beautiful Backing Track!!!

Hi friends,

Here is my latest backing track! It’s in the Key of E Major

A beautiful melody supported by awesome landscape images πŸ™‚

It’s part of my new album coming soon! So stay tuned!

Here’s the video:


Download the backing track here

Full audio and project:

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Recording The Boss Katana Via USB into your DAW!!! Tips and Settings

Hi friends,

Please check out this video where I explain how to get a great sound out go your Boss Katana amp via USB.

You will be able to use your Katana as an actual audio interface!

Stay tuned for the next video with audio clips!!!

Check it out


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Juca Nery

Boss Katana USB Recording NO FX or EQ!!! Great Sound!!!

Hi friends,

Check out this little clip where I used the Boss Katana USB to record into Logic X.

With no eq, compression or fx at all, it sounds amazing!!!

The best amp for the buck πŸ˜‰

Boss Katana 100Β (More Info)


Best regards
Juca Nery

Boss Katana 100 All Channels Sound Demo!!!

Hi friends!

Check out the sounds from the amazing Boss Katana 100 combo!

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Signal Chain:

Gibson Les Paul Trad – Katana – SM57 – Focusrite 2i2 – Logic Pro X