BOSS KATANA – SLASH GUITAR TONE!!! Vintage AFD Paradise 100 Guitar – Boss Katana Enjoy :) Cheers

My latest tribute to legendary guitar player: SLASH

A great clean tone and a cut through edgy lead sound!!!

Check the video below 

(Patches available soon)

Many thanks for your support!

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Juca Nery

Boss Katana Bundle N.º24 IS OUT!!!

Boss Katana Bundle N.º24


This package contains:

  1. B.B. King (Based on his signature sound) VIDEO DEMO
  2. Gary Moore (Based on the song: “Walking By Myself”) VIDEO DEMO
  3. Jerry Cantrell 2 PRESETS (Based on the song: “Them Bones”) VIDEO DEMO
  4. Van Halen (Based on the song: “Panama”) VIDEO DEMO
  5. Joe Satriani (Based on his signature sound) VIDEO DEMO
  6. Pantera (Based on the song: “Broken”) VIDEO DEMO
(All sounds were recorded with an SM 57, into my Focusrite 2i2 and then Logic Pro X. No Post FX were added.)

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