Katana Presets

Fender Amps Collection

Modern Fender Amps

Here are four new presets based on some very famous Fender amps!

  1. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb
  2. Fender Bassman
  3. Fender Pro Junior
  4. Fender Vibroking

NOTE: All the amps were recorded with an American Fender Stratocaster.

They are all cranked up!!! So use the volume in your guitar to get a cleaner sound!


Fender Amps Collection

Fender Amps Collection


Metal Amps Collection (Volume I)

Metal Pack

Here are four distinct sounds based on some famous Metal Amps used by Heavy Metal Artists!

Avenged Sevenfold – Video Demo
Disturbed – Video Demo
Machine Head – Video Demo
Pantera – Video Demo

Grab your bundle today!!!

Boss Katana Metal Bundle (Volume I)

Boss Katana Metal Bundle (Volume I)


After payment confirmation you will receive an email with a download link. 

Boss Katana Bundle N.º12

This package contains:

  1. Manic Street Preachers (Based on the song: “Motorcycle Emptiness) Video Demo
  2. Robin Trower (Base on the song: “Bridge Of Sighs) Video Demo
  3. Slash (Based on the song: “Don’t Cry”) Video Demo
  4. Stone Temple Pilots (Based on the song: “Plush”) Video Demo
  5. The Police (Based on the song: “Message In The Bottle”)

(Some of the videos not listed here are in the Boss Katana Facebook Group)

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 18th. 

Please Support My Work 🙂

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 12

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 12



Bass Amps Pack I

This bundle is aimed at those working in home studios, just like myself, and want a set of 4 bass sounds ready to record!

After recording you might need to add compression, eq and other effects to your taste to fit in your mix!

Based on some famous bass amps. 

Video here

The next Bass bundle will cover specific and legendary bass amps!

Grab it now!!!

Bass Bundle Pack I

Bass Bundle Pack I


Boss Katana Bundle N.º11

This package contains:

  1. AC/DC (Based on the song: “Hell’s Bells”)
  2. Albert King (Albert King blues tone)
  3. Country Tone (Based on the guitarist Brad Paisley)
  4. The Cult 2 Presets (Based on the song: “She Sell’s Sanctuary”)

All videos are at the Facebook group Boss Katana

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 11th and during the weekend. 

Please Support My Work 🙂

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 11

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 11


Boutique Amp Collection II

Once again after months of research, here are four distinct boutique amps.

Grab them today!!!


Marshall JCM 800

Hiwatt DR 103

Roland JC 120

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Video demo here

Boutique Amp Collection II

Boutique Amp Collection II


Boss Katana Bundle N.º10

This package contains:

  1. Alice In Chains 3 Presets (Based on the song:”Them Bones”)
  2. John Mayer 2 Presets (Based on the song:”Belief”)
  3. ZZ Top 3 Presets (Based on the song: “La Grange”)
  4. Sex Pistols (Based on the song: “Anarchy In The UK”)

All videos are at the Facebook group Boss Katana

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 6th and during the weekend

Please Support My Work 🙂

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 10

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 10


Boutique Amp Collection – Boss Katana

After months of hard work and research, here are three distinct vintage amps.

Fender Bassman

Vox AC 30

Marshall Super Bass

Grab your vintage tones today!!!

Boutique Amp Collection

Boutique Amp Collection


Full Bundle Campaign!!!

Full Bundle Big Savings!!!

Katana Promotion_2

Here it is the Full Bundle N.º2!

Including every single bundle!!!

Hundreds of presets meticulously crafted just for you!!!

You get 43 packs! Most of them containing more than 2 presets!

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 14.26.21

Grab it today and access great sounds!!!

With the purchase of this bundle comes included my Instrumental Guitar EP recorded with the Boss Katana 100!

You also get 24/7 support on any sound plus future updates!!!

All Bundles N.º2

All Bundles N.º2


Boss Katana All Bundles Pack

This package contains all presets up to bundle n.7 also included!!!

Big savings! Regular Price: 35$

All Bundles

A collection of artist presets sounds just for you!


Boss Katana Bundle N.º9

This package contains:

  1. Custom Marshall Plexi (Based on a modded Marshall Plexi) 
  2. U2 2 Presets (Based on the song: “The Fly”) Video Demo
  3. The Edge (Based on the song: “Pride”) Video Demo
  4. Zakk Wylde (Based on his famous guitar solo tone)

(Some of the videos not listed here are in the Boss Katana Facebook Group)

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 27th and during the weekend

Please Support My Work 🙂

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º9

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º9


Boss Katana Bundle N.º8

This package contains:

  1. Dire Straits (Based on the song:”Brothers In Arms) Video Demo
  2. John Sykes (Based on the song”Still Of The Night”) Video Demo
  3. Lenny Kravitz 2 Presets (Based on the song:”Always On The Run”)
  4. Thin Lizzy (Based on the song:”Whiskey In The Jar”) Video Demo
  5. Whitesnake 3 Presets (Lead and Solo Tones from Doug Aldrich)

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 20th and during the weekend

If you buy this bundle you will also receive free one of the previous bundles!

You choose!!!

You will also receive for free my EP available on all digital platforms!!!

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º8

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º8


Boss Katana Bundle Nº7

This package contains:

  1. John Petrucci Rhythm Sound (Based On The Song “Overture 1928”) Video Demo
  2. Muse (Based On The Song “Hysteria”) Video Demo
  3. Pink Floyd 2 Presets (Based On The Song “Comfortably Numb”) Video Demo
  4. Rage Against The Machine (Based On The Song “Killing In The Name”) Video Demo

If you buy this bundle you will receive for free four additional presets for the gigging musician!

Gigging Musician Package:

  1. Clean Tone
  2. Crunch Tone
  3. Lead Tone
  4. Solo Tone

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º7

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º7 (Additional 4 presets)


This bundle is available for free  until April 16th!!! – Grab it NOW!!!

Boss Katana Bundle Nº6

This package contains:

  1. Faith No More (Based on the album Angel Dust) Video Demo
  2. Led Zeppelin 2 Presets (Based on the song Whole Lotta Love) Video Demo
  3. Metallica (Based on the song Master Of Puppets) Video Demo
  4. Pearl Jam 3 Presets (Based on the song Alive) Video Demo
  5. Stevie Ray Vaughan (Based on the song Mary Had A Little Lamb) Video Demo

This bundle is available for free until April 11h – Grab it NOW!!!

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º6

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º6


Boss Katana Bundle Nº5

This package contains:

  1. Aerosmith (Based on the “Eat the Rich song”) Video Demo
  2. Dream Theater (Based on on the song: “Peruvian Skies”) 
  3. Eric Johnson  (Clean and Lead based on the song: “Cliffs Of Dover”) Video Demo
  4. John Petrucci Lead (Based on John Petrucci Solo Album) 

Videos here on the Katana Playlist

This bundle is available for free until April 5th – Grab it NOW!!!

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º5

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º5


Boss Katana Bundle N.º4

This package contains:

  1. Black Sabbath (Based on the “Iron Man” song) Video Demo
  2. Joe Satriani Video Demo
  3. John Mayer (Based on the “Continuum” album) Video Demo
  4. Smashing Pumpkins Two Presets. (Based on the song “Cherub Rock” from the album “Siamese Dreams”) Video Demo

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º4

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º4


Boss Katana Bundle N.º3

This package contains:

  1. Gary Moore (Parisienne Walkways) Video Demo
  2. Iron Maiden (Wasted Years) Video Demo 
  3. Steve Vai (For The Love Of God) Video Demo
  4. Slash (By The Sword) Video Demo
  5. Santana Video Demo

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º 3

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º 3


Boss Katana Bundle N.º2

This package contains:

  1. AC/DC Video Demo
  2. Guns And Roses
  3. Megadeth (Based on the song “Foreclosure Of A Dream”) Video Demo
  4. Metallica (Black Album Rhythm Guitars) Video Demo
  5. Pink Floyd (Based on the song: “Another Brick In The Wall”) Video Demo

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 2

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 2


Donate now and get free updates FOREVER plus 24/7 support!!!

After payment confirmation you will receive a link to download the presets

Please fill the contact form below:



All sounds you get may vary according to your playing style, guitar, pickups, placement of the amp and overall volume!

No one has the same tone no matter what! You are unique! 😉

Many thanks,

Juca Nery







29 thoughts on “Katana Presets

  1. Hello Juca, Great website! Awesome tutorials. I also have a Katana, would be great to have some Mark Tremonti patches from Tremonti,Alterbridge. Creed. I think Mark Tremonti has his own sound!

    Keep up the good work!



  2. Hi Juca,

    I sent payment via Paypal for Katana presets on Friday evening (UK), just wanted to know when to expect them?




  3. I ordered a $20 all bundle set, or full bundle. I don’t know I’m confused. A day or two later another one came out that included more. For $5 more bucks I would’ve gotten the rest. That’s fine, but my real problem is when I try to import to Katana after downloading and unzipping the files, I only get maybe about 3 or 4 showing up. Am wondering if the names of the files are something I’m not recognizing?


    • Hi Jay! I’m always launching new bundles, almost every week. So I decided to make a sum of the bundles I had to the date. All bundle 1 and 2. The new presets are always FREE on fridays and weekends, so you can get the new ones right now! Let me know if you grab them! If you only get 3 or 4 presets, maybe the server had a mistake. The 20$ all bundle set has much more than that. If you get the wrong bundle, let me know by email so I can get you the link again! Many thanks! (jucanery@me.com) Cheers


  4. Ok I just checked and a lot more of the downloaded presets are showing up. Why they didn’t initially I’ll never know, so disregard my earlier post EXCEPT I would like to pay another $5 and get the rest of the full unlimited bundle if that is possible.


  5. Hi!
    I have a Katana 50, I think it shouldn’t be a problem but just to be sure: do the presets work also on this model or do they require the 100W version?


  6. Hi…..I wish to buy “All bundles 2” but am a bit confused regarding the buying process…..do I e mail you first and then pay via paypal or pay first and then e mail you with a reference number. Do you have a direct link to bypass all this ?
    Many thanks,


  7. Hello! I just bought the All Bundles No. 2 but haven’t seen anything on how or where to download them…am I missing something?


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