The Dream Tones Principle – Boss Katana


So what makes a dream tone so dreamy…?

There’s a lot going on when I work on these tones. I spend a great amount of time carefully tweaking every parameter of every effect in BTS.

It must be perfect. I take all scenarios into account. Gigging musicians, bedroom players, recording guitarists, etc.

“I want the reverb tail to be cut at a certain point so it doesn’t “colide” with the high frequency content”

That’s a great sentence!

I’m talking about eq the reverb. You have low and high pass filters there. Not a full eq but that will do fine.

High frequency content on a digital, modelling or solid state amp can be ear piercing sometimes.

The Boss Katana is no exception.

But there’s ways to make it very smooth.

Reverbs and delays help shape the overall tone. Not just eq’s.

Creating ambience and depth is very important.

I usually test my tones both live and at home so I can compare and make adjustments accordingly.

If you use too much reverb, delay or modulation effects like chorus your sound will probably get lost in the mix or in the band.

So it takes time to get it right.

Nowadays I cut almost all of my patches around 5Khz. I then compensate with a graphic or parametric eq.

The low end is cut as well. No need for that extra low rumble.

Wanna learn more? Stay tuned for the next Article about the Dream Tones!

Many thanks for your support,

Best regards,

Juca Nery

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