Trainwreck Liverpool – Boss Katana


A legendary amp!!!

Ken Fischer’s Trainwreck Circuits produced three basic models: The Express, The Liverpool, and The Rocket. He tended to vary the design for each amp depending on how it sounded. It’s possible that no two Trainwreck amplifiers actually have the exact same circuit. Though all three basic models had three preamp tubes, usually 12AX7’s, Ken would use different kinds of preamp tubes in his amp designs when he felt it would improve the amp he was working on. He sold Express amplifiers with two EL34’s or two 6V6’s for output tubes. Liverpool Amplifiers had four EL84 output tubes as did the Trainwreck Rocket. The Trainwreck Rocket also had a rectifier tube.

Video Demo

Presets available soon in the new Boutique Amps III

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Juca Nery

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