Build Your Own Bundle!!!

That’s it! Search the sounds you like the most and fully customise your bundle!!!

Custom Bundles

Search in the Katana presets tab in this site and customise your rig!*

Use the sounds you need!!!

Fill the for below with the sounds you want please.

After receiving your email I will then send you a downloadable link.

*(Prices vary according to the number of presets. Example: 5 presets 5$ / 10 presets 10$)


2 thoughts on “Build Your Own Bundle!!!

  1. Greetings Juca – I gave your Santana preset a try today and found it almost exactly like mine and blended the two for a perfect tone. I am interested in your patches but I don’t get how you load the patches to Tone Studio or the amp. I have been studying the Katana manual, but if you know of a YT vid or have other info I would appreciate. WIll look forward to creating my own bundle and supporting your work.



    • Hi Chaz! How are you? Glad you liked the tone! 🙂 It’s an easy process in tone studio and there are a few videos on youtube. What I can do is send you an email with pictures describing how to do it. Many thanks for your support!!! Have a nice day, best regards.


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