Boss Katana Bundle N.º 10 Is Out!!!


Boss Katana Bundle N.º10


This package contains:

  1. Alice In Chains 3 Presets (Based on the song:”Them Bones”)
  2. John Mayer 2 Presets (Based on the song:”Belief”)
  3. ZZ Top 3 Presets (Based on the song: “La Grange”)
  4. Sex Pistols (Based on the song: “Anarchy In The UK”)

All videos are at the Facebook group Boss Katana

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 4th and during the weekend.

Enjoy and please support my work 🙂

Many thanks,

Best regards,
Juca Nery

4 thoughts on “Boss Katana Bundle N.º 10 Is Out!!!

  1. Hey looking forward to that Alicia in chains bundle. I noticed it said available Friday 6th…did you mean Friday the 4th? After trying it out I have a feeling I’m just going to get your all in bundle. Like the Metallica tones too any chance you’re working on other heavy tones… Maybe something like lamb of God.. Some tool would be awesome as well


    • Hi Joel. Yes Friday 4th. Got to correct that! Thanks. Yes the all bundle comes with great tones! And yes I plan on making heavy tones!!! I’m working on Pantera right now. But Lamb Of God is in my list too! So stay tuned! Cheers


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