Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Tone


Getting the Comfortably Numb tone

“David’s tone on Comfortably Numb is perhaps THE tone every fan strives to replicate. The magic and the myth of it all often overshadow the fact that the setup is pretty basic and straight forward. It’s a cliché but the tone is mostly in David’s fingers and his ability to play a fairly easy solo with such power and expression.”

Quote from:

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One of the many amps David Gilmour used:


This was one of the most difficult tones to recreate using the Boss Katana 100.

Since the Katana has it’s limitation when it comes to use many effects at the same time, I had to use an external auto wha from the unit Zoom G3 and also while recording in Logic X, I added some extra delay and chorus.

From the Katana I used the clean channel with a Big Muff, a graphic equaliser, hall reverb and the global eq.

From here you cannot add more modulation type of effects.

But the fundamental tone is just the Katana!

If you have a multi effects, use it and abuse it!

Don’t forget to add some compression as well 😉

Check the video here:

Many thanks for your support!

Presets available soon!!!

Best regards,
Juca Nery

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