Pearl Jam Alive Tone Boss Katana

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 18.50.17

Check out this amazing tone from Pearl Jam’s album Ten!

“…During the Ten era, McCready used Strats and Les Pauls, with Marshall heads and a Fender Bassman 4×10. It’s difficult to find any reliable information on the exact Marshall heads he used around this time period, although it is possible that they were either JCM800’s and JMP 50 watt plexi’s, or even a combination of both. In terms of effects, he used a Dunlop Crybaby, Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer, a volume/pan pedal (to switch between the Marshall dirt and Fender clean), a SansAmp Distortion, Dunlop Rotovibe and T.C. Electronics Multieffects Unit.”

Excerpt taken from:

Enjoy 🙂

Best regards,

Juca Nery

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