Katana Presets Bundle Nº3 Is Out!!!


Here is the bundle nº3 with FIVE new presets!

In this bundle:

  1. Gary Moore (Parisienne Walkways)
  2. Iron Maiden (Wasted Years)
  3. Steve Vai (For The Love Of God)
  4. Slash (By The Sword)
  5. Santana 


All sounds you get may vary according to your playing style, guitar, pickups, placement of the amp and overall volume!

No one has the same tone no matter what! You are unique! 😉



If you would like to support my work buy the complete bundle. 

With the complete bundle comes free updates forever and 24/7 support on the presets!!!

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º 3

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º 3


Just fill the for below:

(After payment confirmation you will get the download link)

Many thanks for your support,

Enjoy 🙂

Juca Nery

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