How To Further Enhance Your Sound. Boss Katana

In this two videos I explain what to do to further enhance your sound when you’re recording using your Boss Katana.

I’m using Logic X but this applies to any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Once thing to take into consideration is the fact that not every DAW will accept your Katana as a Sound Card when connected via USB.

Logic does. Pro Tools might do it but you will have latency problems. The free Audacity software won’t recognise the Katana at least on the Mac platform. Garage Band works as Logic X.

There’s others like Studio One, Cubase, Reaper, but that you will have to try for yourself.

I’m using the Rec Out from the Katana into My Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.



From my tests, I get a better tone.

But you can used it via USB.

Check out below:

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If you want to hear an example, check out my latest single where I used the Katana as my source for all guitar sounds:


Check it out here if you want to support my music:



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Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 17.28.56

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Boss Katana Presets Bundle 2

Boss Katana Presets Bundle 2


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