In this special pack you get these amps:

  1. Fender Junior Blues (Two sounds)
  2. Friedman 100 BE
  3. Mesa Boogie Mark V 25
  4. Two Rock Classic Reverb
Gear used: Squier Stratocaster 50’s Classic Vibe – Gibson Les Paul Traditional – Boss Katana 100 – Focusrite 2i2 – Logic Pro X. No FX added. Recorded via the Katana Rec Out. 



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Telecaster Pack I


Tele Pack

Here are four distinct and great sounds that your Tele might be missing!!!

  1. Tele Chicken
  2. Tele Smooth Neck
  3. Tele Bite Crunch
  4. Tele Ambience

From Country to smooth leads and ambience chords it’s all covered!!!


Head here to get your pack today!!!

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Here you can find the preset, backing track and the tab for the guitar lick!

Zakk Wylde.jpg


Enjoy and have fun!!!
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Juca Nery

Strat Pack II Is OUT!!!

StratPack II

The new available Strat Pack II includes four custom sounds made for your Strat and the Boss Katana!

Check the video demo:

Head here to grab your pack and hear the isolated tracks

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Boutique Amps III


  1. Fender Deluxe Reverb
  2. Dumble Overdrive Special Video 1 / Video 2
  3. Trainwreck Liverpool
  4. Marshall Super Lead

Grab Your Pack TODAY here!!!

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Metal Pack II

Heavy Metal amps collection!!!

For the Metal Heads!!!

Ready to record or gig, this pack is for you!!!

Grab it today here


  1. Randall Satan
  2. Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
  3. Peavey 5150
  4. Engl Foreball 100

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Boss Katana Bundle 16 IS OUT!!!

Boss Katana Bundle N.º 16

This package contains:

  1. Gary Moore (Based on the song: “Walking By Myself”) VIDEO DEMO
  2. Joe Bonamassa VIDEO DEMO
  3. Keith Richards (Based on the song: “Start Me Up”) VIDEO DEMO
  4. Megadeth (Based on the song: “Symphony Of Destruction) VIDEO DEMO

Get yours today!!!

Great tones or recording or gigging musicians!!!

bundle_1Head to the downloads page

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Free Friday Gary Moore!!!

Get your FREE preset and backing track here

Gary Moore



Randall Amp Tone – Boss Katana

Randall Amp Tone!!! For lovers of Heavy Music!!!



Presets available soon 🙂

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Full Bundle III Is Out!!!


Ful Bundle 2

More than 100 Artist presets!!!

All carefully crafted for gigging or recording!!!

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Amps Collection Bundle

Amps Collection Bundle

Here it is a big deal on all my Boutique Amps, Fender Packs, Marshall Amps, Dumble Overdrive Special Amp, Strat Pack, Metal Pack and Acoustic Pack. 

Amps Collection Bundle

You get a range of superb crafted tones at your disposal!!!

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Boss Katana Bundle N.º15 Is OUT!!!

Boss Katana Bundle N.º15


This package contains:

  1. Arch Enemy (Based on the song: “The Eagle Flies”) VIDEO DEMO
  2. Eric Clapton (Based on the song: “Cocaine”) VIDEO DEMO
  3. Kirk Hammett (Based on the song: “Enter Sandman”) VIDEO DEMO
  4. Pantera 2 Presets (Based on the song: “Cemetery Gates”) VIDEO DEMO

Get your Bundle Today!!! Head to the downloads page.

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Acoustic Guitar Bundle Volume I

Acoustic Guitar Bundle


Finally an acoustic pack using the Katana which is also built to plug any acoustic guitar!!!

Here’s the Video Demo:

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Free Friday!!! Carlos Santana Preset!!!

Santana Friday Special!!!


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Friday Lick Included In The Video!!!

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The Ultimate Strat Bundle


Give your Strat the best sounds it can get!!!


It’s a very versatile guitar and with these custom tones you have all you need both for recording and gigging!

It always sounds best LOUDER 😉

Get your Strat Pack today at the Katana presets tab!

Boss Katana Bundle N.º14 Is Out!!!

Boss Katana Bundle N.º14

This package contains:

  1. Creed Video Demo
  2. Dumble Special
  3. Mark Knopfler Video Demo
  4. Tool

(Some of the videos not listed here are in the Juca’s Tone Shack Facebook group)


NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE Friday 15th June. 

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Marshall Amps Collection


Here are four presets based on the following amps:

  1. Marshall JCM 900
  2. Marshall Red Pig
  3. Marshall JMP 1
  4. Marshall Brit Silver

Get your Marshall Amps Collection TODAY!!!

Bundle here

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Trainwreck Liverpool – Boss Katana


A legendary amp!!!

Ken Fischer’s Trainwreck Circuits produced three basic models: The Express, The Liverpool, and The Rocket. He tended to vary the design for each amp depending on how it sounded. It’s possible that no two Trainwreck amplifiers actually have the exact same circuit. Though all three basic models had three preamp tubes, usually 12AX7’s, Ken would use different kinds of preamp tubes in his amp designs when he felt it would improve the amp he was working on. He sold Express amplifiers with two EL34’s or two 6V6’s for output tubes. Liverpool Amplifiers had four EL84 output tubes as did the Trainwreck Rocket. The Trainwreck Rocket also had a rectifier tube.

Video Demo

Presets available soon in the new Boutique Amps III

Stay tuned 🙂

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Grunge Bundle!!!


Here are some tones from the fabulous grunge era!!!

With this package you get:

  1. Oasis
  2. RATM
  3. Pearl Jam
  4. Soundgarden

Exclusive grunge tones just for you!!!

Buy now:

Exclusive Grunge Bundle

Exclusive Grunge Bundle


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Build Your Own Bundle!!!

That’s it! Search the sounds you like the most and fully customise your bundle!!!

Custom Bundles

Search in the Katana presets tab in this site and customise your rig!*

Use the sounds you need!!!

Fill the for below with the sounds you want please.

After receiving your email I will then send you a downloadable link.

*(Prices vary according to the number of presets. Example: 5 presets 5$ / 10 presets 10$)


Members Only Discounts!!!

Hi and welcome to my new Facebook group: Juca’s Tone Shack

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A group with gear reviews, boss katana exclusive presets, amp sims presets, guitar licks, guitar lessons, recording audio and much more!!!

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Fender Boutique Amps / Boutique Amps I and II

Fender Boutique Amps / Boutique Amps I and II


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Fender Amps Collection

Modern Fender Amps

Here are four new presets based on some very famous Fender amps!

  1. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb
  2. Fender Bassman
  3. Fender Pro Junior
  4. Fender Vibroking

NOTE: All the amps were recorded with an American Fender Stratocaster.

They are all cranked up!!! So use the volume in your guitar to get a cleaner sound!


Get your bundle today!!!


Fender Amps Collection

Fender Amps Collection


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New Fresh Custom Guitar Tones!!!

Custom Gtr Tones

That’s right!

I decided to get four custom presets based on the guitars I’ve played in the videos.

One Telecaster sound, one for Les Pauls, one for Ibanez guitars and another one for the Strat.

Bear in mind that you can use any guitar with theses custom presets!!!

Here are the videos! Listen for yourself!!!

  1. Telecaster
  2. Les Paul
  3. Ibanez
  4. Stratocaster

Buy Now!!!


Guitar Custom Tones

Four distinct custom tones from the Boss Katana 100! Enjoy 🙂


After payment confirmation you will receive an email with your link to download

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Full Bundle Campaign!!!

Full Bundle Big Savings!!!

Katana Promotion_2

Here it is the Full Bundle N.º2!

Including every single bundle!!!

Hundreds of presets meticulously crafted just for you!!!

You get 43 packs! Most of them containing more than 2 presets!

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 14.26.21

Grab it today and access great sounds!!!

With the purchase of this bundle comes included my Instrumental Guitar EP recorded with the Boss Katana 100!

You also get 24/7 support on any sound plus future updates!!!

All Bundles N.º2

All Bundles N.º2


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