Bundle Nº8 Is Out!!!


Bundle N.8 is out!!!

This package contains:

  1. Dire Straits (Based on the song:”Brothers In Arms”)
  2. John Sykes (Lead Tone from Whitesnake) Video Demo
  3. Lenny Kravitz 2 Presets (Based on the song:”Always On The Run”)
  4. Thin Lizzy (Based on the song:”Whiskey In The Jar”)
  5. Whitesnake 3 Presets (Lead and Solo Tones from Doug Aldrich)

Check out the Katana presets page here

A lot of great tones ready for recording or gigging!!!

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 20th and during the weekend

If you buy this bundle you will also receive free one of the previous bundles!

You choose!!!

You will also receive for free my EP available on all digital platforms!!!

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Juca Nery

Black Friday Specials (Announcement)


Friday Specials!!!

Every Friday you will have access to the latest bundle totally FREE!

If you buy one bundle you can choose any of the other bundles for Free!!!

But there’s more!!! You will also receive my new EP for free!!!

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You guys ROCK!!! And my motivation is stronger everyday 🙂

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Juca Nery 

Lenny Kravitz Guitar Tone

Legendary song and sound!!!


Featuring Slash on this song “Always On The Run”

Quote: “Always on the Run” is the first single released from Mama Said by Lenny Kravitz. It features a notable collaboration by Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash. Slash had written the music for the song with the original intention of releasing it on a Guns N’ Roses studio album but since former drummer Steven Adler had difficulty playing the song, he saved it for this eventual collaboration with Kravitz.”

Check the video below:

Presets available soon!!! Stay tuned 🙂

Many thanks,

Juca Nery

How I Build My Presets (Boss Katana)



In this video tutorial, I show you how I build my presets from scratch.

Enjoy the video and download the preset I’ve just created while doing the video 😉

Blues Sound

Many thanks,

Juca Nery

Brothers In Arms Guitar Tone

Dire Straits Guitar Tone


One of my favourites of all time…

That Les Paul sound… Sometimes makes me remember of a violin… Perfect!

Mark Knopfler is a LEGEND!!!

A vey hard tone to recreate because it’s almost all in his fingers…

Anyway, here’s my attempt:

Presets available soon 😉

Stay tuned!

Best regards,

Juca Nery

Thin Lizzy Guitar Tone

Legendary Whiskey In The Jar Guitar Tone!!!

Preset available soon!

Stay tuned 🙂

Many thanks

Juca Nery

John Sykes Guitar Tone


Here’s another legend!!!

John Sykes!


Check out the video:

Presets available soon!

Many thanks,

Juca Nery