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Fender Boutique Amps / Boutique Amps I and II

Fender Boutique Amps / Boutique Amps I and II


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Jimi Hendrix Guitar Tone – Boss Katana


Here is the legendary tone of Hendrix!!!

Little Wing

Quote: “”Little Wing” is a song written by Jimi Hendrix and recorded by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967. It is a slower tempo, rhythm and blues-inspired ballad featuring Hendrix’s vocal and guitar with recording studio effects accompanied by bass, drums, and glockenspiel.”

Presets available soon 🙂

Stay tuned!!!

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Fender Amps Collection

Modern Fender Amps

Here are four new presets based on some very famous Fender amps!

  1. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb
  2. Fender Bassman
  3. Fender Pro Junior
  4. Fender Vibroking

NOTE: All the amps were recorded with an American Fender Stratocaster.

They are all cranked up!!! So use the volume in your guitar to get a cleaner sound!


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Fender Amps Collection

Fender Amps Collection


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Juca Nery

Boss Katana Bundle N.º12 Is Out

Boss Katana Bundle N.º12

This package contains:

  1. Manic Street Preachers (Based on the song: “Motorcycle Emptiness) Video Demo
  2. Robin Trower (Base on the song: “Bridge Of Sighs) Video Demo
  3. Slash (Based on the song: “Don’t Cry”) Video Demo
  4. Stone Temple Pilots (Based on the song: “Plush”) Video Demo
  5. The Police (Based on the song: “Message In The Bottle”)

(Some of the videos not listed here are in the Boss Katana Facebook Group)

NOTE: This bundle will be available for FREE next Friday 18th.

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Juca Nery

New Fresh Custom Guitar Tones!!!

Custom Gtr Tones

That’s right!

I decided to get four custom presets based on the guitars I’ve played in the videos.

One Telecaster sound, one for Les Pauls, one for Ibanez guitars and another one for the Strat.

Bear in mind that you can use any guitar with theses custom presets!!!

Here are the videos! Listen for yourself!!!

  1. Telecaster
  2. Les Paul
  3. Ibanez
  4. Stratocaster

Buy Now!!!


Guitar Custom Tones

Four distinct custom tones from the Boss Katana 100! Enjoy 🙂


After payment confirmation you will receive an email with your link to download

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Full Bundle Campaign!!!

Full Bundle Big Savings!!!

Katana Promotion_2

Here it is the Full Bundle N.º2!

Including every single bundle!!!

Hundreds of presets meticulously crafted just for you!!!

You get 43 packs! Most of them containing more than 2 presets!

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 14.26.21

Grab it today and access great sounds!!!

With the purchase of this bundle comes included my Instrumental Guitar EP recorded with the Boss Katana 100!

You also get 24/7 support on any sound plus future updates!!!

All Bundles N.º2

All Bundles N.º2


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Soundgarden Guitar Tone – Boss Katana


Here’s a great tone from the Seattle band Soundgarden!!!

Quote:”Soundgarden achieved its biggest success with the 1994 album Superunknown, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and yielded the Grammy Award-winning singles “Black Hole Sun” and “Spoonman“.”


Presets available soon in the new Grunge Pack!!!

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Juca Nery

Metal Amps Collection (Volume I)

Metal Pack

Here are four distinct sounds based on some famous Metal Amps used by Heavy Metal Artists!

  1. Avenged Sevenfold – Video Demo
  2. Disturbed – Video Demo
  3. Machine Head – Video Demo
  4. Pantera – Video Demo

Grab your bundle today!!!

Boss Katana Metal Bundle (Volume I)

Boss Katana Metal Bundle (Volume I)


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Machine Head Guitar Tone – Boss Katana



Metal Pack

The soon available Metal Pack will also include this amazing song from the band: “Machine Head” (Burn My Eyes Album)

Quote: “Burn My Eyes is the debut studio album by American groove metal band Machine Head, released on August 9, 1994 by Roadrunner Records. The album’s themes generally tie into the social disorder and corresponding inner tension that the band was exposed to in their native Oakland, California, reflected in Robb Flynn‘s lyrics, such as the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 and the Waco Siege of 1993.”

Here is the guitar tone using the Boss Katana 100:

Many thanks
Juca Nery


Pantera Guitar Tone – Boss Katana


Heavy as always!!! Pantera!

What a great Band!!!

Quote:””Walk” is a song by American heavy metal band Pantera from their sixth album Vulgar Display of Power. A live performance of “Walk” is included on Official Live: 101 Proof, and the studio version is also on the band’s greatest hits album.”

Here’s my tribute to Pantera with the song Walk


Many thanks,
Juca Nery