Katana Presets Bundle 4 is OUT!!!


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Included in this bundle:

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.40.56



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John Mayer Tone – Boss Katana 100


Here’s another great tone!

This time John Mayer!

A smooth lead sound, very rich sounding. Juice is the name!

Watch the video and take a listen for yourself:


Bundle Nº4 almost out!

Stay tuned 🙂

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Smashing Pumpkins Tone! Boss Katana


Here’s the legendary Smashing Pumpkins Fuzz sound form the album: “Siamese Dreams”

The presets will be soon available in the bundle nº4 free of charge 🙂

Meanwhile check my other bundles here

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Boss Katana Bundle N.º4 Coming Soon!!!


Stay tuned for the next bundle!!!

Including the famous Black Sabbath tone from Iron Man!

Check the video:

Meanwhile check my other presets on the Katana Presets tab!

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Pantera – Cowboys From Hell – Boss Katana


Pantera tone! One of the most difficult metal tones to recreate!

My attempt is still in development!

The preset is close, but not close enough I must admit!

So I made this video just to show that it is possible!

(Apart from the Katana preset, I had to Eq inside Logic using two different eq’s.)

Logic’s built in Eq and Waves SSL e channel strip:


Here I share my Logic Session in case you are using Logic X and want to further tweak the sound!

Download Logic Session

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.56.18


I will make the preset free available to download as soon as I get a better tone 😉

Meanwhile you can watch the video below:


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Grab Your Dire Straits Money For Nothing Preset Now!

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing – From the album Brothers In Arms

Mark Knopfler Tone


Download here

Tip: On my Les Paul I rolled out a bit the tone knob for the bridge pickup. If you have a Wha pedal use in front of the amp in a certain position to get the right tone. I used one in Boss Tone Studio but the effect is not the same. 

Enjoy the tone, and if you want more, please donate.

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Katana Presets Bundle Nº3 Is Out!!!


Here is the bundle nº3 with FIVE new presets!

In this bundle:

  1. Gary Moore (Parisienne Walkways)
  2. Iron Maiden (Wasted Years)
  3. Steve Vai (For The Love Of God)
  4. Slash (By The Sword)
  5. Santana 


All sounds you get may vary according to your playing style, guitar, pickups, placement of the amp and overall volume!

No one has the same tone no matter what! You are unique! 😉



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Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º 3

Boss Katana Presets Bundle N.º 3


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